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‘No Boat Licence Required’

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Hire a Poly 3M Tuff Tender with 6hp motor, or a 3.8M Finn Sharkie with 9.8hp motor with electric start and tilt, or our 4M Finn Survivor 9.8hp motor with electric start, all the boats are great for family fun. Our boats can not sink or tip over. Safe and stable with level flotation. Enjoy the waters of our great country with Redland Bay Boat Hire on Moreton Bay. A boat hiring service which is a ‘TOW & GO’ model. You can take the boat to your favourite location to launch. No hidden costs. Full insurance. We also can launch & retrieve the boat for you on Sundays only by appointment for an added fee. Great fun for the family on Moreton Bay to visit the islands. fishing or go swimming.

We have two Poly 3M Tuff Tenders 3 person boats, a Finn 3.8M Sharkie 3 person boat, and now two Finn 4M Survivor, 4 person boats, on their own trailers for hire. Easy to launch, retrieve, and load the boat back on the trailer. Our Poly Tuff Tender 3 person boats have good storage areas, and boat-collars, so they are very safe and stable and can not tip over or sink. All our boats have level flotation. Notice of 24hrs would be good for hiring, 

One full 12 litre fuel tank included. No boat licence required, 6hp 4 stroke motor. All safety equipment and life jackets provided. Daylight use only. Easy to just ‘TOW and GO’.

Stable, safe with level flotation

No boat license required

Approved by Australian Maritime Safety Authority

Will not tip over (be swamped)

Fully insured

Our boats are on their own trailers


You can contact us via the details below:

Phone 0406099640


Bookings 7:30am - 7:30pm

Redland Bay, QLD 4165