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Stable, safe with level flotation

No boat license required

Approved by Australian Maritime Safety Authority

Will not tip over (be swamped)

Fully insured

‘Tow & Go’

Our boats are on their own trailers


‘No Boat Licence Required’

Hurry up to book your hire boat


Hire a Poly 3M Tuff Tender or a Finn 3.8M Sharkie they are great fun. Our boats can not sink or tip over. Safe and stable with level flotation. Enjoy the waterways of our great country with Redland Bay Boat Hire on Moreton Bay. A boat hiring service which is a ‘TOW & GO’ model. Take the boat to your favourite place. No hidden costs. Full insurance. We also can launch & retrieve the boat for you on Sundays only by appointment for an added fee. Great fun for the family on Moreton Bay to visit the islands.

We have two Polycraft 3M Tuff Tenders and a Finn 3.8M Sharkie on their own trailers for hire. Easy to launch, retrieve, and load the boat back on the trailer. Our boats are for 3 persons, with storage areas and the Tuff Tenders have boat-collars so they are very safe and stable for the whole family with level flotation. Notice of 24hrs to be given for hiring. 

One full 12 litre fuel tank included. No boat licence required, 6hp 4 stroke motor. All safety equipment and life jackets provided. Daylight use only. Easy to just ‘TOW and GO’.


Half-Day Hire

Hire for 5 hours or less

Pick-up & return on the day

From $100

Full Day Hire

Pick up the night before

Return the boat the next afternoon

From $150

2 Day Hire

Pick up the night before

Great for going fishing and crabbing.

From $250

5 Day Hire

Pick up the boat late afternoon or night before your trip.

These boats are great for a day out on Moreton Bay, a lake, the canals, a river, or on a dam.

Great to take a small boat with you when going camping and travelling with friends or family.


7 Day Hire

Pick up the boat in the late afternoon/night ready for when you leave on your trip.

The 3M Poly Tenders are fun and safe for the kids. But please remember by law all children under the age of 12 yrs in an open boat that is less than 4.8 m in length, has to be wearing a life jacket while the boat is under-way.


Longer Hire

For longer term than 7 Day Hire.

Our boats are very stable and safe with level flotation.

Marine Safety Approved. Our boats will not tip over or sink.

Great for sightseeing, fishing and crabbing

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Frequently Asked Questions


Where do I pick up the boat?

You can pick up the boat at the following address:

33 Phillip Street, Redland Bay, QLD 4165

Do I need a boat license?

No boat license needed as the boats have 6hp motors.

What is the cost of hiring the boat?

The starting cost is from $100 for half a day, which is 5 hrs or less. From $150 for a full day, from $250 for 2 days, from $500 for 5 days and contact us about longer term hire.

What will I need to hire a boat?

Notice of the hire 24hrs before you want to pickup the boat.

Photo ID and Credit Card details needed on pickup.

Your Mobile phone number and family member’s number.

Booking are secured with a credit card deposit for $50. (Not always needed)

Bond of $200 held on credit card in case of loss items or damage during hiring.

(Not always needed)

Telephone bookings are secured with cash or a credit card deposit for –  

  • Tuff tenders & Finn Sharkie – $ 50
  • Security deposit held
  • $ 200 credit card swipe, insert or tap with your signature, only debited in case of damage to the boat during the hire.

Where can the boat be taken?

The boats are registered as Class 4D and 4E craft for use as hire & drive in smooth waters which are generally defined as in sheltered waters, smooth waters, which include Moreton Bay, and inland waters including lakes, rivers, dams, and canals. Only use in daylight. Use only in good weather conditions

Who do I contact if there is an emergency?

Inform Redland Bay Boat hire of your plans and where you are taking the boat to launch.

Always inform friends and family where you are going.

In an Emergency contact Police on 000 or 112.

If you leave from Redlands ramp notify QF7 Redland Bay Coast Guard on 07 32067777

If you are on the water contact the nearest Coast Guard to your location.

What is your cancellation policy?

It is important that you check the weather report 24 hours before your booking and inform us of cancellation. In the event you need to cancel your booking due to weather (eg. strong winds, high seas or heavy rain), for safety reasons, we will be happy to find a solution for another date or a  refund. If you plan on taking the boat to smooth inland waters the booking will be  reviewed for safety concerns. If cancellation is due to personal reasons, we need 48 hours notice or your deposit will be lost. 

How can I cancel my booking ?

Bookings can be cancelled by phone on 0406099640 or 0498257080 within 48 hours of hire due to personal reasons or 24 hours notice due to weather.

Overdue or not returned vessels

Vessels that are overdue and/or not returned on time will be reported missing to the Police. All the information given to Redland Bay Boat Hire will be given to the Police.

What do I need to tow the boat ?

You need a car with towbar and ball and brake light connection. (We can help with the fitting).

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You can contact us via the details below:

Phone 0406099640

Bookings 7:30am - 7:30pm

Redland Bay, QLD 4165